Online text utilities

CodecLinesPatternText CharacteristicsProperties
URL encoding
URL decoding
Base64 encoding
Base64 decoding
Hex encoding
Hex decoding
Hexadecimal number encoding
Hexadecimal number decoding
Binary number encoding
Binary number decoding
ROT13 encoding
ROT13 decoding
ROT47 encoding
ROT47 decoding
Unicode encoding
Unicode decoding
Volapuk encoding
Volapuk decoding
Sort lines
Reverse lines
Shuffle lines
Number lines
Delete duplicates lines
Trim spaces lines
Extract words lines
Join lines
Sort by length lines
Remove empty lines
Delete 1 out of 2 lines
Prefix with pattern.
Suffix with pattern.
Split regular expression with pattern.
Keep regular expression with pattern.
Remove regular expression with pattern.
Keep lines with pattern.
Remove lines with pattern.
Contains regular expression with pattern.
Date to long with pattern.
Long to date with pattern.
Character count
Word count
Line count
XML validate
Hash code
System properties
Swing properties
Environment properties